Journal Entry of the Mad Man #1 (Aug 4, 2012)

“We have traveled into the graveyard of the town. Believed to be hunting ghouls, we had braced ourselves for combat. At first, I suggested we find fortification in the grave keeper’s house, but upon arrival we found corpses on the ground with odd claw marks on the stone walls. We thought it best to find another area. We later found what appeared to be an odd, pseudo chapel building with pillars extending upwards, holding up a flat stone surface. The ranger was more than eager to take it as a bird’s nest. Silly ranger and his birds. The rest of us took to the ground, majority of them facing one direction. I faced the other, I don’t like getting surrounded, feels like a tiny, tiny box is around me. We took to waiting until night fall, though I saw a little bug crawling on the ground. I took to calling him Nester. Yes, Nester didn’t like cotton, that was strange. Said something about it eating your finger nails.”

Night Fall…

“As the sun set, I saw the glory of my goddess rise. She was beautiful this night as her loving light settled on the graveyard. I hope to avenge the fallen Selune priestess, such a disgusting fate for her to be taken by these lesser rot walkers. I don’t remember who was the first to spot the odd mist, I believe it was the bird ranger in his bird’s nest. Someone fired an arrow into that mist and we heard a grunt, Nester ran off as I readied for battle. I laughed as I saw the mist. Obscuring Mist? Ha! Child’s play. After dispelling the mist, we saw our enemies.
Oddly marked ghouls shambled through the missing mist. They had glowing runes on them! I wonder how it would feel to draw such things on our Barbarian friend, though her tusk might prove issues with that. Anyways, we dispatched the ghouls easily, to be expected. A roar echoed through the graveyard and we turned to face this new fluffy enemy.
Though he wasn’t so fluffy, more stinky and…peeling. Made me miss bananas and their tasty stems. We engaged this beast without an issue, though eventually it took to vomiting. I wouldn’t blame it, the Paladin’s face makes me sick too. Anyways, tiny other ghouls, like the ones we fought earlier, came out of the vomit. I told my daughter not to eat strange things and this fluffy fiend proved my point! Maybe now she’ll stop eating jello, yuck! Regardless, we dispatched the fiend with ease, though it did take longer than the time with the ghouls. Combat always seemed easy with us.
Later the rogue started babbling nonsense about the town’s Miss Virtuous Paladin being in league with some devils. Devils! Of all the annoying beasts of existence, devils would be on my top Z list. Their stupid law abiding noses. Anyways, our Paladin friend is thinking of talking to the devil paladin thingy. I think it silly. It’d be much easier if we took her pants! Everyone keeps their secrets in their pants! Not me though, always ahead of them tricky folk.
We’ll be heading back soon, such a shame. I’ll miss the beautiful veil of my mistress this night. Farewell talking book, and thanks again for listening to this man talk.”


Rusemec NathanielDyer

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