Troll Gut Rope

Rubbery stinky rope that expands to 350' and the 300' dries up later


This braided 50’ rope has a slightly pungent oder, feels rubbery, and bears a large, complex knot at one end. Once per day the rope can be commanded to grow up to 350’ in length. Any length beyond the original 50’ decays into nothingness after 7 hours. If the large knot is every untied or cut open, the rope’s magic is destroyed.

Moderate Conjuration Caster level: 7th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, minor creation
Market Price: 3,000 gps
Weight: 7 lbs

Hardness 0
Hit Points 3
Break DC 24


The Troll gut rope is a wonderful Evermoors Swamp adventurer’s tool. The Evermoors are filled with Trolls. One such unnamed mage found a great use for all the troll bodies they had been killing and burning. From the beginning of it’s use, the troll gut rope’s smell as annoyed a many adventures. It’s pure utility, rather then it’s discomforting feel and smell, has kept it popular.

Troll Gut Rope

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