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Welcome to the Godspark Campaign

The God’s of Faurun have battled each other for years. In these epic battle some Gods have even experienced death. Thier divine energy splashed and ebbed the Weave of Magic and Shadow magic. This energy can not be destroyed. So it waited in the weave to bloom in a focus. These Foci’s are called Godsparks, because they spark with the shattered divine energy.

The players of Godspark are Gestalt characters with a twist. The twist is they are a focus of divine energy and must choose a Domain. They gain Godsparks from their roles of a natural 20 and their enemies rolls of 1. They can then spend their Godsparks on the domain spells or special hero/karma points. If they store their Godsparks, they can elevate above their mortal births and touch the power of GODs.

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